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Tempo, aqui, pode gerar suposições. Filmes, cenas, imagens cinematográficas, cidades, pessoas, animais, objetos. Processos filmados e desenhados.
Time, here, it can generate assumptions. Movies, scenes, movie images, cities, people, animals, objects. Processes, filmed and designed.

Alexander Calder performs his “Circus” - Whitney Museum

From Oct. 16, 2008 Feb. 15, 2009, the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York presents “Alexander Calder: The Paris Years, 1926-1933”, a new look at the artists early years when his radical innovations included open-air wire sculptures, his beloved and important miniature “Circus”, and the creation of a new artform, the mobile. This video excerpts scenes of Calder performing the “Circus” from a 1955 film by Jean Painleve.

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Skull Sketcher v1.0 Artist Friendly Anatomy Tools..

Skull Sketcher is the first of our free real time applications for traditional artists. Combining high resolution scanned human skulls with real time rendering technology we have been able to create a unique application that will allow artists to study, draw and sculpt from a real human skull. Unlike a desk top cast or internet reference images Skull Sketcher gives the artist full control over the lighting, position and shading of both the skull and the environment.

Free Download Here ::

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3D Scan Store - Head scans - Full Body Scans - Tutorials and HDRI's for 3D Artists →
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A record player that plays slices of wood.
Modified record player, wood, sleeves. 2011

Thanks to: Pro-ject Audio, Karla Spiluttini, Ivo Francx, Rohol

Years is out as MP3.Download the digital release:
To get the 12” vinyl release, please send an email to

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Publicação by Lionel Lutringer.
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