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Tempo, aqui, pode gerar suposições. Filmes, cenas, imagens cinematográficas, cidades, pessoas, animais, objetos. Processos filmados e desenhados.
Time, here, it can generate assumptions. Movies, scenes, movie images, cities, people, animals, objects. Processes, filmed and designed.

Publicação by Lionel Lutringer.
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Douglas Sirk (1897-1987) is one of the greatest film directors ever. E-VER. trust me!! So here is a list of his movies you can watch online. I hope you’ll like them! I personally highly recommend Written on the wind but that’s just because it is my favourite. I mean Rock Hudson + Lauren Bacall. best.

la habanera (1937) - watch

summer storm (1944) - watch

lured (1947) - watch

thunder on the hill (1951) - watch

no room for the groom (1952) - watch

all I desire (1953) - watch

magnificent obsession (1954) - watch here or here

captain lightfoot (1955) - watch

all that heaven allows (1955) - watch

written on the wind (1956) - watch

there’s always tomorrow (1956) - watch

the tarnished angels (1957) - watch

a time to love and a time to die (1958) - watch

imitation of life (1959) - watch

let me know if one of the links is dead! Enjoy!

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Manabu Mabe Paints a Picture - AMA Art Museum of the Americas

Publicado em 04/04/2013

Manabu Mabe Paints a Picture

English Narration: William Douglas Clark
Text by: José Gomez Sicre
Directed by: Ramon G. Osuna and José Gomez Sicre

13 minutes

Japanese-Brazilian artist Mabe creates an abstract painting.


This film is from the video collection of the Art Museum of the Americas of the Organization of American States. FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. For copyright and reproduction information, please contact the museum.

DVD copies of our video collection are available for purchase. 

This video is available for educational purposes. All rights reserved.
Copyright 2013 Organization of American States, Art Museum of the Americas.

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